Published on January 24, 2013, by in Random stuff!.


Worry-warty-ness vs. happiness


I’m a worry-wart. Worrying about life is just something that I do. When I’m worried I listen to lots of music, hug Sailor Bear super tight (who I’ve had since I was 5) and walk- a lot. Today I walked. Walking in icy cold weather is not very pleasant, but today the sun shone bright and the sky was such a vivid, glorious blue that it made me smile and get the urge to do a hand-stand!

When I got home I put some water out for the birds and watched as they fluttered around and drank happily. Then I realized- one day at a time. As many times as it’s been said, it still holds true- joy is in the small things. Happiness is a cup of hot coffee, it’s a dog wriggling all over because he’s so excited to see you, it’s hearing your mom’s voice over the phone. Happiness is greeting your long lost brother from the airport, getting a big hug from an old friend, and it’s hearing “You know you’re welcome home anytime,” from your dad. Yes, happiness is even in keeping a pair of crickets who were sold as food from the pet store. It’s in hearing them sing you to sleep every night and in watching them munch contentedly on the crackers you put in their cage.  :)

*Sniff* *Sniff*

Okay, okay, enough of the sappy stuff. Yes, I know- I’m very sentimental. But I’m also very goofy. So here’s your weekly dose of goofiness (and household tip!) from the Fumbleton family!

This week Eugene can’t handle the smell of Alex’s shoes so he calls in reinforcements by way of the “blue button”!



Hope you have a sunny weekend, that you take the time to notice something small, and that it makes you happy.