About Us

About Us

This is a sandwich. Sorry, you can’t have it. I can’t have it either. It is just a picture.

We’re the Erskine family, and we live on a 15 acre homestead in the hills of Kentucky. Currently there are 23 turkeys, 12 deer, 8 chickens, and 3 cats who think our front lawn is their playground and buffet, but this changes from season to season.

We have three children who we homeschooled K-12 and who are now adults out on their own – a metalwork designer/contractor, a bestselling author/artist, and a yacht captain/house rennovator. It is an amazing thing to ponder.

We’ve been publishing and sharing homeschool resources for over 25 years in print and online. You can check out our HomeschoolFreebie website for loads of free resources. Dive in and find some treasures!

Time flies by and we are but a mist. Hug your kids, be mindful of your days, love a lot, prepare.